Welcome to the FSA Valuation Service blog! Here, we will be posting tips and helpful information about current stock market trends, as well as how to subscribe and make the most of our stock market analysis videos. As one of the best stock market websites available to investors and self-starters who want to understand the fundamentals of investment strategies, we have been serving as a reliable source of stock market information for years. But before we dive into our methodology and valuation process, here is a little more information about our stock analysis website!

About FSA Valuation Service

FSA Valuation Service is a stock analysis company based in Toronto, Canada, that has been featured on BNN Bloomberg TV. We have a passion for investing and have developed stock market research strategies to help others become more informed when it comes to choosing which stocks to invest in and when. Our goal is to provide self-directed investors and investment advisors with the tools they need to make smart investment decisions based on stock market data today and every day. We are constantly doing stock market research behind the scenes and provide FSA Valuation subscribers with daily videos regarding our findings. The result? Smarter investors with greater cash flow and a higher return on their investments.

Our stock market videos are not meant for day traders, technical analysis, or investors who are looking to get rich quick with “hot stocks.” Rather, our stock market tips are based on a methodology that is constantly evolving with new stock market trends, as opposed to being a foolproof system with a one-size-fits-all approach. When you subscribe to FSA Valuation Service, you can expect nothing less than high-quality, unbiased fundamental research that addresses current stock market trends and corresponding investment strategies.

Our Methodology

At FSA Valuation Service, we strive to provide accurate and reliable daily stock market reports, as well as expert advice about short-term and long-term investing strategies based on current stock market trends. Our methodology is based on a process that utilizes a cash flow IRR, which we have found to be superior to other valuation methods in terms of determining return on invested capital in the stock market. Our method for stock market valuation includes two vital adjustments, which account for accumulated depreciation (in order to assess true value) and inflation (to reflect current value of assets). Then, we account for cash flow operations in order to calculate the anticipated return on investment in current terms, based on stock results today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Though it may sound complicated, our online stock market videos are easy to navigate and understand from the user perspective, making them a great tool for investors who really want to learn about the factors that have an effect on stock valuation, cash flow, and ultimately, their return on investment. In other words, our team of stock analysis experts does the heavy lifting in terms of stock market research and data calculations, then we put our findings into educational presentations that are easy to understand and put into practice in your own investment strategies.

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