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• Take a deep dive on any stock
• 20 years of financial statements
• Robust proprietary valuation and metrics
• Scenario analysis


• Screen 20,000 companies in North America
• Proprietary (and more informative) variables
• Traditional variables
• Multiple time frames


• Track all portfolios and watchlists
• Alerts buy and an sell signals
• Monitor performance
• Track themes
• Track sectors


  • QuickVALUATION – Our flagship product
  • QuickSCREEN – Proprietary and Traditional Variables
  • QuickPORTFOLIO – Track multiple portfolios
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QuickVALUATION Level 1

  • Getting data
  • Interpreting CFIRR and Capital Growth
  • Understanding the valuation breakdown
  • Understand scenarios and valuation
  • Back tests
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QuickVALUATION Level 2

  • Reverse engineering
  • What do look for
  • Turn our black box into a clear box
  • Dive into financial statements
  • Dive into calculations
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QuickSCREEN Level 1

  • Navigation
  • Load pre-made screens
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Learn data categories
  • Understand screening vs. displaying
  • Build and save you own screen
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QuickSCREEN Level 2

  • Learn the data structure
  • Learn the difference between growth and change
  • Learn how to get data from multiple time frames
  • Build complex screens
  • Get bulk data for research
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  • Track multiple portfolios
  • Track multiple variables
  • Get insights
  • Get alerts on new quarters
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